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Regardless of the fact that Alta has opened new branches in Italy and abroad, this publicity company has preserved its best qualities: agile in its structure and quick in thinking and acting. This is what you will find in the many skills Alta offers.

This goes from marketing analysis to planning.

From the choice and purchasing of media space to corporate communication strategies.

From conceptualization to graphic design.

A full service agency that integrates and incorpo-rates every aspect of corporate communications.


Deep knowledge of its clients, winning communication strategies and effective advertising campaigns.

In order to achieve such results it is essential to carefully analyse the market, possible competitors and the desired target.

Alta and the client together identify the goals, the first and most effective step to start selling today, as well as the road to building a strong brand tomorrow.


The media office operates in the whole range of media communications. From TV to billboards, from the press to radio, and last but not least, in the new media. The media department identifies the most effective choices for the campaign, streamlines the budget, and chooses the most appropriate and cost effective planning.


We believe in the need to diversify the offer through fresh and catchy publicity campaigns, utilizing creative visuals and innovative ideas that capture the attention and sell. Hence our choice to invest in a strong creative department.


Direct marketing, telemarketing, mailing and news lettering campaigns.


Nowadays new media, and more specifically, the Internet are an opportunity not to be missed. Alta immediately valued and took advantage of the opportunities that this new media offers, and has put together a talented team of web and graphic designers capable of conceptualizing and putting together web-marketing initiatives and e-commerce strategies.


Design of materials for point of sale promotions, fair stands, events. For example: displays, totem, pop display, catalogues, folders, etc.


PR and press liaison activities are carried out in partnership with Watt 5, the operative partner of Alta’s Milan branch.


Alta has a complete structure capable of organizing conventions, product promotions and promotional events. Alta can provide qualified hostesses and stewards in promotional initiatives, fairs and other kinds of events.

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